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Solutions Designed for Startups and government relations teams 

Our Services

Take the first steps in your GR journey. Figure out where you are and where you need to be going. Receive custom services designed to scale with your project. Access consulting tools, content, and develop a government engagement framework tailored to you and start building your future. 

Upstream is a platform that helps you develop and execute your government relations plan, giving you a clear understanding of the big picture objectives as well as the daily progress in achieving them. Upstream allows you to track engagements and monitor issues to follow what our team is doing in real time to accomplish your goals. By leveraging, you can build and execute a customized engagement plan. Tools and template with out of the box analytics, build personalized stakeholder engagement and track your successes.   

Fully leverage advanced analytics and customized client platform. Continuous monitoring and tracking, active consultants, stakeholder management tools, manage your own strategic plan in real time, streamline organizational communication and execute project objectives.

Achieve observer status and utilize your platform to the fullest extent. Customized stakeholder management, grant and RFP tracking, monitoring for local, state, and federal legislation and regulatory actions. Reduce friction to focus on mission critical objectives. Keep your clients informed while focusing on the future.

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