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Find and track government RFPs and grants to grow your startup


How to Apply: Getting Started


Go to the Grants Learning Center for an overview of grants


Make sure you are eligible before applying for any grant


Find Federal grants and RFPs that align with your work


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STARTUPS qualify for billions in Local, State, Federal government grants to grow their business and support programs and projects that benefit the public. This assistance is rooted in the Constitution to "promote the general Welfare" and STARTUPS play a critical shaping the world around us.

Terrapin's Observer product connects startups grants and RFPs and to build and execute strategic plans in real time, streamline organizational communication, and execute project objectives throughout the grant and RFP process. We combine public and private datasets and leverage deep connections within government and industry knowledge to guide you through the grants and RFP process.

Why should STARTUPS leverage grants and RFPs? 

Grants are a way for private organizations or governments to fund your ideas and projects that promote public services and stimulate economic. Grants support critical recovery initiatives, innovation, and R & D. They're also a great way to help you leverage and fund your startup, and drive social proof you need. 

Just as important is knowing what grants and RFPs your startup is eligible for. This causes a lot of companies heartburn and can be incredibly painful for Startups. Determining eligibility before pursuing grants is critical. If you are not eligible for a specific funding opportunity, Founders waste a lot of time and money completing the application process only to be rejected.

What should Startups do first?

Government entities get millions of applications each year. Developing a strong engagement strategy, checking eligibility, and partnering with a team to navigate you through the process is the single best differentiator in obtaining funding. 

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