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Our Mission 

Our Mission is to empower our clients and users to build a better government by creating future-focused strategies and products.

Our Vision 

Our vision is that when innovators are able to engage with policymakers in a productive manner better outcomes become available for everyone.

Terrapin's Value System

"Terrapin knows government affairs, has worked on The Hill and in corporate America going above and beyond and getting solid results.

Try Terrapin and see the results their experience and best practices can and will bring to your business." - Government Relations Consultant 

The Founder

JJF Headshot 2022_edited.jpg

Jason Jackson Frye | Founder 

Jason is a nationally recognized federal and state government relations consultant and Founder of Terrapin, a hybrid ai/web3 government relations startup. A Minnesota native, Jason grew up obsessed with building a better government and advancing liberty for all Americans. Following 9/11, dropped out of Hamline University and joined the United States Marine Corps and served two combat tours as a Scout.

Following his military service, he finished up his schooling at Metro State University in St. Paul, and began his career in the US House of Representatives, where he focused on Transportation and Infrastructure, Immigration, Trade, Defense, Foreign Policy issues; and served as Legislative Director for now U.S. House Majority Whip Tom Emmer and helped launch the Congressional Blockchain Caucus.

After Congress, Jason expanded into state government affairs and managed a team at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University focusing on emerging tech and regulation concerning fintech and the gig economy. Moving to the private sector Jason managed an international, federal, and state government affairs portfolio focusing on data, IT systems, insurance and data privacy policy. Jason also served as Exective Vice President of Capitol Core Group, where he worked on data, gig economy, and California infrastructure/water policy. 

In 2022, Jason Founded Terrapin, a company dedicated to putting ai/web3 government relations tools into the hands of businesses and individuals to revolutionize how they interact with government by leveraging ai and blockchain technology.


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