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Why Terrapin, Why Now

Wish you could separate signal from noise and focus? Do today's tools help you, or are you still looking for something...more?  

Do you feel others build their services, portfolios, networks, and strategies to keep you out of the loop and a step behind? 

With considerable concentration in the government affairs space, the question is not whether there is competition or not. Rather, what is your competition not doing - therefore - what can you do to set yourself apart? 

What problem does Terrapin solve?

Terrapin's Upstream 2 Beta is built by and for government relations professionals, lobbyists, or staffers representing an entirely new paradigm in how governmental relations is conducted. Terrapin puts the power in your hands as you solve the world's most pressing and complex problems.

Our Mission at Terrapin is to work with you to build individual and enterprise products and services that give you knowledge and control, because you're building the future.  

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Who Are We
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