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Zero-to-One Government Affairs Startup


Are You Ready to Take the Step you've been waiting to take?

"Terrapin is not like other government affairs firms. We’re different. Every day, and in every way we’re going to reimagine how government affairs are conducted. This starts with how we solve problems and speak to our audiences ,prospects, to our clients, and each other.'" - Jason Frye, Founder

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Who We Are

Terrapin is a government affairs startup with the goal of empowering clients and users to help build a better government. With first-hand experience in every facet of government, we have an acute understanding of your challenges and frustrations.

What We Do

Terrapin builds future-focused applications for startups and emerging tech that integrate directly with the functions of government for more strategic government relations.

Why Terrapin

With government affairs, the question is not what is your competition doing but what can you do to set yourself apart? Our products and services are designed to solve the problems and challenges your business faces everyday.


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